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Dubbed "model new-music citizens" by the New York Times, longtime friends and collaborators James Moore and Andie Tanning enjoy active careers in New York's thriving music, theater, and art scenes. Performing on acoustic resonator guitar and violin, their performances often incorporate text, singing, electronics, and theatrical elements. James and Andie first began playing together while on tour with the production of playwright Richard Maxwell's Neutral Hero, heading to after-hours sets in underground clubs and galleries. They have since brought their music to venues the around the world, and released their full-length album Gertrudes on New World Records. James and Andie's current projects include a set of reimagined songs from the operas of Robert Ashley, and What Are the Chances? an evening of words and music based on the poetry of James Tate which they have co-written with composer Eve Beglarian and actor Jim Fletcher.